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Environment Friendly Packaging

In 1992 when it launched the ECOSYS printer series, KYOCERA decided to introduce environmentally-conscious packages for all its products. One approach was to stop using plastic-based packaging materials that had been used for cushioning and fixation, and to replace them with paper-based materials such as corrugated cardboard and moulded pulp. Our packaging design group has solved various technical problems and succeeded in using paper-based packaging materials for purposes that were once believed to be impossible. Our environmentally-conscious packaging aimed at resource saving has been highly regarded, leading to our being awarded a prize at the Japan Packaging Contest in 2010 for the seventh consecutive year.

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Instead of polystyrene, cardboard pulp mould is used to cushion products in transit

Packaging is carefully designed to combine maximum protection for the product with minimum use of resources

Packaging for parts and consumables is designed without the need for glue or staples, allowing easy recycling