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Long Life Technology

Super Long Life Drums

In general, multifunctional systems and network printers form a complex, interlinked system of moving components.  Regular use over time may cause them to wear down and physical alteration may occur.  A key component in any device is the photoreceptor drum, which endures an enormous amount of wear, and as a result, must be changed regularly on devices with conventional drums.  In contrast, our amorphous silicon drums are extremely durable - they can last approximately 30 times longer than OPC (Organic Photoconductor) drums and almost never require replacing. From our smallest printers and MFPs with 100,000 page drum life up to our high volume models which can last up to 500,000 pages, you can be sure that Kyocera has the longest drum life.

Long-life components for cartridge-free operation

TEST CONDITIONS: 500 pages per month, 36 months, full colour printing, photo test page „Drucker channel“
SOURCE: Information according to „Drucker channel“, 01/2009, (German test magazine;

When using a printer it is usually necessary to replace a complex toner cartridge, containing the photoconductor drum and peripheral parts, every few thousand pages. Instead, KYOCERA has implemented a long-life design concept utilising various ECOSYS technologies, including a-Si (amorphous silicon) drums, so that only the toner needs to be regularly replaced. As a result, as many as 500,000 pages can be printed with having to replace anything except toner, significantly reducing both waste and cost.