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Superior Image Technology

Toner that cleans the drum surface
A big factor affecting copy or print image quality is toner adherence to the drum's surface.  The surfaces of conventional OPC drums are more easily worn down, which can result in weakened adherence of toner to the drum.  In contrast, our amorphous silicon creates an extremely hard surface, which allows our toner adherence to be much less affected over time.  To complement this, we have even developed toner that polishes the drum surface.  This combination of drum and toner technology results in high image quality that lasts the distance.

Our shipment of spare parts have been greatly reduced.
This shows the success of our ECOSYS technology.  It is proof that we are reducing costs for our customers and reducing our burden on the environment by increasing the life span of parts.  It has also enabled us to cut our parts production, storage and collection costs, and focus our resources on other areas.

In Germany, a country with advanced policies on environmental management, our ECOSYS printers have attained the number 2 - market share position for laser printers (based on 2003 shipments.  Source: Dataquest.).  We shall continue to uphold the principle that cost reduction and environmental friendliness can go hand-in-hand.